4rabet VS 1xBet: Which Platform Is Better In 2021?

4rabet VS 1xBet Which Platform Is Better In 2021

When we are talking about the battle of 4rabet vs 1xBet, every gambler has their own opinion. Both platforms have thousands of fans in India and abroad so it can be really difficult to make the right decision. Is 4rabet good enough for Indian bettors? Or does 1xBet offer more generous bonuses? We are here to find out!

Our team thoroughly reviewed 4rabet and 1xBet to pick the best sportsbook online for Indian players. We’ve examined the user-friendliness of the sites, the bonuses, withdrawal methods, and many other aspects to make your life easier. Let’s begin our 1xBet vs 4rabet comparison.

4rabet VS 1xBet: Which Is More Convenient To Use?

Which Is More Convenient To Use

When you are ready to start your betting journey and select between 1xBet and 4rabet, it is essential to pay attention to the website experience. The easier navigation is, the more enjoyable your journey will be. The first thing that comes to mind when we take a look at 4rabet and 1xBet sites is that they have some differences. 

While 1xBet gives you an opportunity to examine all the betting options all at once, you can’t do the same on the 4rabet without registration. At the same time, we need to mention that a wide array of events and tournaments at the 1xBet platform can confuse you if you are a complete novice.

1xbet main page

With so many pop-ups and sections on the page, it can be really hard to locate what you are searching for. 

Unlike 1xBet, the main page of the 4rabet site looks uncluttered and clear with only two buttons on it. While many bettors find it not very convenient, the screen seems to be more laconic here.

4rabet main

Once you open a new gaming account or log in, you’ll be able to observe all the opportunities of this gambling platform. And once again, the interface is simpler here.

4rabet main page

Although it is obvious that booth sites are easy to navigate and utilize for both experienced and new users, we like the 4rabet platform more. It seems more convenient and easier to use. With less info on the page and the better design in general, 4rabet won our hearts in this 4rabet vs 1xBet encounter. Meanwhile, it’s not the end of the battle.

4rabet VS 1xBet: How To Bet?

How To Bet

While testing 4rabet vs 1xBet, you will see that both sites give you astonishing betting opportunities. Whether you choose 4rabet or 1xBet, you will be able to place a wager in a few minutes. However, both platforms require you to register before betting. 

Here is how the sign-up form looks at 1xbet. As you can see, there are several methods of registration.

1xbet registration methods

It is possible to select from the following options:

  • one-click registration;
  • via phone;
  • via e-mail;
  • using social networks and messengers.

4rabet allows you to open a new profile with your email. You’ll also be asked to create your own unique password and pick the preferred reward.

4rabet registration method

Once you create your profile on the platform, you can move to the betting process. Both 4rabet and 1xBet let you place a bet with real cash as soon as you put money in your gaming account. Here is a simple tutorial that works for the 1xBet and 4rabet platforms. 

  1. Visit the main page, and choose what kind of activity you are going to place a bet on. 
  2. If you prefer sports betting, pick the event you like. 
  3. Select the outcome and place your bet.
  4. The event will appear in the bet slip. 
  5. Pick the type of bet and the amount of money you are going to wager. 

Once the platform validates your bet, the sum will be taken off. You will get the winning money automatically if your prediction is true. While the process might be slightly different depending on the particular site, we don’t have a favorite in this part of the 4rabet vs 1xbet comparison. Both platforms are good enough and easy to understand when it comes to betting itself.

1xBet VS 4rabet: Where To Find More Bountiful Betting Odds?

Where To Find More Bountiful Betting Odds

In this 1xBet vs 4rabet battle, betting odds play a huge role. Which platform offers the more generous odds? How to select the perfect spot for your next cricket betting session? Or a football gambling journey? Luckily, we have answers to all these questions. 

Generally speaking, both 1xBet and 4rabet provide their users with relatively high betting odds. Let’s take a look at 1xBet. This operator promises to offer top-notch betting odds with a payout of as much as 98%. However,  the chances to win might vary widely depending on the markets, the type of bets, and particular sports events. For instance, here is what we have for cricket. 

1xbet odds

4rabet keeps up with competitors and offers almost identical conditions when it comes to betting. You’ll discover not only the highest odds on the site but also some smart insights from the world of gambling. In the 4rabet ‘s blog, there are tons of useful articles to help you understand various types of bets and explain how to calculate payouts in particular cases. 

Here is what we have for cricket betting at 4rabet. 

4rabet odds

For the most part, the odds are more or less the same. Of course, they might be slightly different for specific events, so you will need to make a decision for each unique case. Booth platforms have lucrative enough odds to help you become rich in no time. That’s why we have a draw in the 4rabet vs 1xBet fight this time.

4rabet VS 1xBet: Welcome Packages

Welcome Packages

What makes a platform a good place to gamble? Of course, luxurious bonuses! The rewards on betting platforms are intended not only to attract more new customers but also to make the gambling process more pleasant. With extra money on your account, it is possible to try your luck without risking your own funds. Therefore, in this section of our 4rabet vs 1xBet comparison, we are going to examine their welcome packages. 

Type of the offer4rabet 1xBet
Welcome package for sports betting100 % reward up to ₹20 000 after making a deposit100% reward up to ₹8000 for the first deposit

If you are planning to combine sports gambling and casino games, you can rely on the bonus of up to €1500 (in the local currency as well), in addition to 150 free spins at 1xBet. 

If you are looking for more lavish rewards, pick 4rabet. It offers up to ₹20 000 as a welcome reward. You are required to make your deposit within a week to get the money. However, bonuses at 1xBet  are also good enough. Keep in mind that the terms might vary from time to time, and some sports betting opportunities come with specific conditions. 

Here is what you need to do to claim your prize:

  1. Reach out the1xBet or 4rabet site. 
  2. Open a new profile. 
  3. Fill out the promo code if you have any of them. 
  4. Make the minimum deposit (for example, ₹300 for 4rabet) to get that welcome bonus. 
  5.  It is possible to activate the promo in the cashier section of the platform any time after the registration.

In this round of our 1xBet vs 4rabet battle, 4rabet gains a victory as it provides a better welcome package. It is also important to remember that bonus cash can’t be withdrawn in most cases, but you can spend them on gambling. 

4rabet VS 1xBet: Withdrawal Methods

Withdrawal Methods

When it comes to cashouts, there is no big difference between 1xBet and 4rabet. Both platforms offer the majority of the most convenient banking options without huge fees or time-consuming processing terms. In other words, every bettor can pick a method that fits their preferences better. 

Below you’ll find the table to compare withdrawal options in our 4rabet vs 1xBet review.


  • Paytm 
  • Neteller
  • PhonePe
  • Perfect Money
  • bank transfers
  • Visa 
  • MasterCard
  • UPI
  • Bitcoin 
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Dogecoin
  • Dash
  • Ripple
  • IMPS


  • Visa 
  • MasterCard 
  • UPI
  • Paytm
  • PhonePe
  • Google Pay
  • bank transfer
  • Skrill
  • Bitcoin 
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Dogecoin
  • Dash
  • Stellar

The processing time usually depends on the banking methods. E-wallets and cryptocurrency cashouts are generally the fastest ones. If you are utilizing Visa or MasterCard, you’ll have to wait between 1 min and 1 week. We need to mention that payouts at the 4rabet platform are slightly faster, especially if we are talking about virtual payment systems. The minimum sum of cashout with PayTM is ₹1000 and for IMPS is ₹3000 on this site. 

Among the most frequent questions of freshly-minted bettors is usually ‘how to cash out your winnings from 1xBet and 4rabet’. Luckily, the whole process won’t take a lot of your time on both sites. Here is what the lucky customer needs to do to obtain their money: 

  1. Log in to their account.
  2. Locate the Payment bottom and click on it.
  3. Then, order the payment. 
  4. Select the payment method you like and follow the instructions. For instance, gamblers might be asked to enter their wallet number to confirm the transaction. 
  5. Choose the sum they want to obtain at that moment. 
  6. Push the Withdraw button. That’s all! 

Therefore, your winnings can be received just in a few clicks on both sites. Nevertheless, in this round of 4rabet vs 1xBet comparison, the winner is 4rabet  as it offers faster transactions.

1xBet VS 4rabet: Depositing Options

Depositing Options

The depositing options at 4rabet and 1xBet are pretty the same as withdrawal methods. Both platforms support the most widely-known payment systems in India, so every customer will be able to replenish their account in a breeze.

Below you’ll find the table that represents the most popular depositing options at 1xBet and 4rabet.


Phone Pe₹300
Perfect Money no limit


Phone Pe₹500
Perfect Money ₹300

While both operators offer a wide array of various methods to deposit your account, 4rabet provides better conditions in this regard. As you might see, the deposit limits at 4rabet seem a bit lower, which can be crucial for some Indian gamblers.

However, 1xBet is also worth your attention, as it has deposit methods that are super convenient for people in India. So if you are going to replenish your account with real cash, this spot can be the perfect alternative.

4rabet VS 1xBet: The Selection Of Sports

The Selection Of Sports

As we’ve already indicated, 4rabet and 1xBet offer a huge selection of betting options. There is also a live streaming feature that allows placing wagers instantly while the event is happening. The platforms present line and live bets for seasoned and inexperienced bettors in India.  

Here is how it looks at 4rabet. The section of bets is located on the left side of the main screen, where you can filter all sports events to choose your favorite ones. 

4rabet bets

Both gambling portals have in their selections the following options: 

  • cricket;
  • ice hockey;
  • tennis;
  • baseball;
  • football;
  • volleyball;
  • basketball;
  • cybersports; 
  • rugby;
  • snooker;
  • TV sports.

In addition to the massive array of sports, 1xBet and 4rabet present a plethora of betting types. Aside from some regular ones, you can try your luck with combo bets to increase the amount of winning cash. The portals also feature numerous tournaments on various sports to make the gambling experience more thrilling. 

1xbet bets

Hence, we have a draw in this 1xBet vs 4rabet competition. We recommend you to check all the opportunities on both sites to pick the best conditions for a particular sport.

4rabet VS 1xBet: Can One Bet On The Go?

Can One Bet On The Go

Nowadays, we all rely on modern technologies and can’t imagine our lives without mobile devices. We do almost everything on our smartphones, and gambling isn’t an exception. Both 1xBet and 4rabet have mobile versions, adjusted to the screens of all sizes. 

You can try the most exciting betting opportunities from your regular mobile browser without installing additional software. At the same time, a mobile app is a life-changing invention for all top-notch gambling platforms. It significantly improves the betting experience and reduces battery drain.

4rabet has a well-designed app for both Android and iOS users. It offers the bettors a few wonderful features, including simple navigation, instant betting, and many more. 

Compared to the site, the 1xBet app is more convenient. It has a more minimalistic design and doesn’t have all the annoying banners and colors that we see on the platform.In our 4rabet vs 1xBet comparison, we’ve examined both apps and came to the conclusion that they don’t have significant drawbacks. They provide a safe way to gamble wherever and whenever you want. Plus, you don’t need to have a PC to make several thousands of rupees.

1xBet VS 4rabet: Language Support

Language Support

Being widely-known international gambling platforms, both 1xBet and 4rabet support numerous languages.  The English version is definitely among the most popular ones. 

4rabet 1xBet 
Number of languages 648 

The huge advantage of 4rabet is that Hindi is available on the site. This is a super convenient feature for Indian citizens. 

4rabet bets

When we are talking about customer support, there are also some slight differences. The language you can contact the customer care team of 1xBet is only English so you need to speak it to handle your problems. In this round of the 4rabet vs 1xBet fight, we have an actual winner, and it is 1xBet as it has more languages in its collection. However, they both welcome Indian players and have localizations for many countries.

4rabet VS 1xBet: Reviews From Real Users

Reviews From Real Users

We have analyzed the most popular betting forums and sites to see what real gamblers say about these gambling platforms. Luckily, both sites are good enough and have fans from all over the world. Here are some of the 4rabet reviews. 

The site is really good..

The site is really good..! Excellent experience..! Want to try next time also..! Recommended..!

they are really good at withdrawals

they are really good at withdrawals. I win great amount of money and will keep playing in future

I would give a good rating to the 4rabet site, because there are no particular problems with their platform. The interface of their platform does not differ much from other typical sports betting sites. But this is rather good, because the interface is very simple and convenient for novice users who want to bet on sports without any problems and troubles.

And here is what people say about 1xBet. 

I bet at 1xbet for almost a year, mainly because of the high odds. They always have a big line, which is very pleasing. Good suits as for beginners as for pro players.

1xbet is good for betting on soccer. I won 1k euro and it was paid out within 1 day via bank transfer pain free. This is my first major victory. I have been playing for 3 months and during this time I have lost plenty of times too. I guess that’s all part of the risk.

Most bettors mention a massive sports selection of 1xBet and high odds. The possibility to use local payment methods is also an awesome benefit for Indian residents. At the same time, some customers complained about long processing times and clocked accounts. Overall, 1xBet has a higher score so we recognize it as a winner in this 1xBet vs 4rabet round.


Are 4rabet and 1xBet legal for Indian gamblers in 2021?

Yes, both platforms are completely legal and are happy to have Indian residents among their customers.

How fast can one make their first deposit?

Actually, most depositing methods are instant. Once you register a new account on the site, you can deposit it and place your bet.

Can one use Indian rupees to deposit?

Yes, both platforms support transactions in local currency. You need to pick the preferred currency while creating your gaming profile.

Which operator offers a better welcome bonus for sports betting?

4rabet has a more lucrative welcome package for new customers, so it’s better to choose this site if you are a complete novice.

Is it possible to gamble on the go?

Yes! Both operators have their own mobile applications for Android and iOS users.
Surajit Hayara 32

Whether you pick 1xBet or 4rabet, you definitely won’t be dissatisfied. Both platforms are excellent ways to spend free time for Indian bettors in 2021. However, 1xBet has a bit slower withdrawal process, so keep this in mind. Plus, 4rabet offers a more lucrative welcome bonus for sports betting.

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