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A.R Rahman dedicated a song for MS Dhoni

One cannot deny that skipper MS Dhoni has a lot of fans even more than any other cricketer on the Indian cricket team. He was also a captain of the Indian cricket team and in his captainship, India won the International cricket Match. But now he has taken retirement from cricket and now he plays only in the IPL from the CSK team.

A.R Rahman is a big music composer, who has also won an Oscar award, and his songs are loved not only in India but all over the world. In IPL 2021, CSK has played 2 matches till now, in the last match while the music composer saw him playing in the team, he dedicated a song for him which was “Chale Chalo” from the Bollywood movie Lagaan. Whereas for the other player Suresh Raina him he dedicated a song which was named “Mangta Hai Kya” from a Bollywood movie Rangeela.

Suresh Raina and MS dhoni both play for the same team in IPL which is Chennai super kings. This team is 3 times the winner of the IPL match and along with these two players, there are more players who are there in the match.

Also, in an interview with Gautam Gambhir, he said that in the IPL match MS dhoni should change his number where he is playing. Normally, Dhoni plays on the number 7, everyone knows that as his jersey number is 7 he considers 7 to be his lucky number. But Gambhir kept his opinion and said that instead of playing at 7 he should play at 3 or 4.  This will help to increase the level of the game and will help CSK to score more runs in the starting over itself. Gambhir thinks that the leading person should be kept at starting overs this will help the team to score more in the starting itself.

Gambhir has also given an example of the match where there was a match between CSK and Delhi and Dhoni got out without even scoring so he suggested scoring more by placing him first.

CSK explained why they didn’t take DRS

On 16th April there was a match between CSK and PBKS, where CSK was able to chase the target in just 15.6 overs only. The match was in the captainship of MS Dhoni who is considered the best captain in the world. However, it was not very hard to achieve the goal but still, there was a time when CSK had a chance against DRS and the pacer Deepak Chahar said that he should take DRS.

But MS Dhoni showing his captainship denied and said that the ball swung and may have gone over the wickets. When there was a replay of that moment then Dhoni was proved correct and what he said was the thing that happened exactly there. MS Dhoni proved his captaincy again by taking the right decision for the team.

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