Surajit Hayara


I am Surajit Hayara, and have been writing about sport in India for more than 9 years. I started to work with a few online publications while I was a student in university. That time I wrote sports news, compared events and made analysis.

The longer I worked as a sports journalist the better I understood sport and could predict game outcomes. Accumulated experience I’ve decided to apply in sports bettings. I started from small bets on sports I loved and understood the most – football, cricket and kabaddi, and quickly began to earn good money.

When the income from sports bettings became higher than a sports journalist’s salary, and my expertise increased, I decided to go to an edition about sports bettings.

Today I am telling you about bookmakers companies in India. Its advantages and disadvantages. Share my strategies for sports bettings, bonuses and continue to write about sports news.