4.9 / 5 rating

In the app you can see all the statistics, have access to betting offers and watch live broadcasts through the streaming system!

Get 100% to ₹15,000
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4.8 / 5 rating

The quality and size of the welcome bonus will pleasantly surprise you. Bonuses make the betting process much more exciting and useful.

Get 100% up ₹10000
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4.7 / 5 rating

A special search bar that makes it easy to find markets, sports, teams and prices with one click.

Get 200% up ₹20000
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4.6 / 5 rating

The design in the betting app is inspiring and intuitive, which makes navigation in the app always very practical and simple.

Get 100% up ₹2,500
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4.5 / 5 rating

The quality and size of the welcome bonus will pleasantly surprise you. Bonuses make the betting process much more exciting and useful.

Get 100% to ₹75000
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4.4 / 5 rating

In the app you can have such features as Live betting, cashing out, live broadcasts and much more amazing things.

Get 100% to ₹15000
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4.7 / 5 rating

Their experience allows them to deeply know the Indian player and his needs in order to create the best mobile application.

Get 100% to ₹25000
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4.5 / 5 rating

In the application you will find a lot of useful information, where you can very easily find everything you are looking for.

Get 100% to ₹20000
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4.4 / 5 rating

The main screen displays the parameters of current sports events, which are constantly updated (football, cricket, tennis, rugby).

Get 100% up ₹13000
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4.5 / 5 rating

This application is one of the simplest to use, aimed at beginners. It pays off with functionality and speed.

Get 100% to ₹20000
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Why Use Horse Racing Betting Apps


Each wagering service strives for ensuring that its visitors are granted a solid user-oriented horse betting app.

More people start using online horse racing betting app services, as this is more handy and practical from the point of view of mobility. A person can be anywhere and nonetheless find enjoyment in using the service.

Top horse betting apps are neatly designed to be at maximum capacity to serve their best to the clients.These apps get increasingly more widely used since their handy and efficient interface is simply impeccable.

In contrast to websites that require a strong internet connection, apps can run even in places with next-to-no internet coverage.

How to Start Horse Racing Betting Using Mobile Apps

Best Horse Racing Betting Apps

Initially, one needs to download an online horse racing betting app and install it before actual wagering.

For the sake of security, download the app directly from the service which provides it. Furthermore, take a look if it’s suitable for iOS or Android operating systems.

After installation, you have to register. Then you can utilize the welcome bonus.

Basically, to begin placing your bets with a horse racing betting app, the necessary steps include registration, topping up your balance, and picking a horse you suppose will be a victor.

You’ll also gain access to myriads of unique rewards after you’ve created an account with the horse racing betting app.

Top-5 Horse Racing Betting Apps for Real Money


To assist you in opting for the best horse racing betting app, we’ve sorted out the five best apps for wagering actual finances and utilizing promotions to the fullest.

It is challenging to pick just a single most prominent horse betting app, as the competition among them is very strong due to the number of new bookmakers that appear in this market.

Nonetheless, in this review, we have managed to single out several most reliable apps from the most well-known services. You may have already heard these titles, so here we go: the first position in the chart should undeniably belong to Bet365 and 888 services.

Betway has incorporated convenient sports betting app for players including Indian ones and is individual from their casino app. They do accept Indian Rupees along with other currencies for deposits. Betway horse betting app allocates the possibility for wagering and works flawlessly and is immensely practicable.

Along with this one, we can 100% recommend the 888 horse racing betting app service. It is an outstanding app that operates both on Apple devices and Android systems. Every existing review confirms the supreme rate of their app and how handy it can be for betting. 888 service allocates great odds and also good incentives for making use of their horse betting app.

Here are our top 5 horse racing betting apps in India:

Betting serviceiOs compatibilityAndroid compatibilityBonus
Betway++100% for up to 2,500 INR
888++300% for up to 30 USD
22Bet++100% for up to 122 EURO
LeoVegas Sports++100% for up to 1,000 INR
Bet365+15% for up to 400 INR

Top-3 Horse Racing Betting Apps for Android

Android operation device users can enjoy wagering from betting app for horse racing with no hindrance. Among the dozens of apps provided for this operating system, there are a few best which we’re going to highlight.

These three apps for making bets are designed with an APK (Android Package Kit) and they show flawless functionality:

Top-3 Horse Racing Betting Apps for iOS

We’ve decided to make separate lists of horse racing betting apps for Android and iOS devices since every single one of them is more oriented and suitable for certain types of operating systems. But keep in mind that most of them have compatibility with any kind of device which means that if you really want to try certain horse betting apps noted in this article, just check if it’s also compatible with your device.

How to Deposit on Horse Racing Betting Apps

To deposit on a horse racing betting app, a comparative analysis of the odds and what payment methods are allocated is essential. For finding the most suitable variations and making deposits, here are a few essential steps:

Step 1:

Install the horse betting app you’ve chosen;

Step 2:

Get registered;

Step 3:

Claim the first-timer deposit bonus especially if it’s made specifically for mobile users;

Step 4:

Replenish the balance for wagering;

Step 5:

In the section of horse races, pick one race and bet on a horse.

offers. Find details on the stats and odds from various sources to have a fuller picture of the plausible outcomes of the upcoming events.

Also, see if the horse racing betting app grants cryptocurrency deposit methods in case they are desirable for you.

Do remember that deposit methods vary from one app to the other and also check up on the updates on services for wagering as they are constantly seeking improvement and with time can add the variants you’re usually looking for which might open better possibilities for you.

Withdraw Money from Horse Racing Betting Apps in India

Deposit and withdrawal methods within the service may differ on the same horse betting app, i.e. some variants may just be plausible for depositing finances and others only for withdrawals.

Similarly, the currency options among various methods are various as well.

Once you’ve checked what methods of withdrawal are allocated and which suit your likeness, you can proceed with your withdrawal upon the win. You will avoid any troubles concerning this issue if you do proper exploration and nothing will stand in your way.

Diverse horse racing betting app options have varied timing for you to get your finances, thus if the immediate withdrawal is in high priority for you, assign some time for making sure that the option you are to choose will provide it.

Bonus Offers for Horse Racing Betting Apps in India

Considering the astounding selection of horse betting app options, choosing from the vast range of bonuses is a complicated endeavor. First and foremost, the most usable and widespread bonus is a welcome one as it is aimed to attract new users and other features have the goal of keeping them as loyal users.

The welcome bonuses are represented on myriads of services for wagering as well as their horse racing betting apps; however, the Internet still has some rare exceptions to the rule. If you’re a newbie to certain horse racing betting services, check if they offer this one, as it gives amazing incentives as a starting point.

Here, we’ll cover several most common kinds of bonuses:

Free bets

This is an ordinary and uncomplicated bonus that denotes you getting finances for betting upon the deposit and this money cannot be withdrawn but only utilized for making wagers. You take any money you win from it.

First deposit bonuses.

This one gets going once you’ve registered, verified your data, and replenished your balance. These are actual finances and they may be cashed out if the wager’s successful.

No deposit bonuses.

These are pondered to be the most risk-free for your wallet since, in case of losing, you still keep your finances and lose only the bonus. As a rule, it is allocated for newly-registered punters who wish to make safe endeavors at wagering.

We’ve made a table with the horse racing betting apps mentioned in the article about the bonuses they offer for your comfort.

Sports betting serviceFree betsFirst deposit bonusNo deposit bonus
Betway+100% for up to ₹2,500+
Bet365+15% for up to ₹400+
22Bet+122% for up to €50+
888+300% for up to $30+
Spin Sports+100% for up to €200+

Betting Tips on Horse Racing Betting Apps


Taking the tips for wagering on horse racing betting apps into consideration, it is essential to notice that anybody who’s about to proceed with it should do the analysis first.

  • Do your research. Most definitely look for data in the service’s reviews, read sports news articles and related radio streams and podcasts. Analyze the freshest races’ results and pace to wager from the most informed position.
  • Compare the features. If you want to utilize an app, you have to get reassured that the service has a license, works quickly, supports your device, offers various deposit and withdrawal possibilities, bonuses, etc.
  • Check if live streaming is accessible. It is optional, although you can still take a glance at whether live streams in the horse betting app are available, as it immediately says about its high-quality operation.
  • Make different bets. If you’re a newbie to the horse racing betting apps, start with the basic ones. The most widespread and straightforward bet kinds are win, show, place, and the one which combines them and is called an across-the-board bet.
  • Wager on different races. Restricting yourself to just one for betting is not the best idea because it limits your potential. The practical prompt here is to wager not only by making different bets but also by wagering on several races.·       Monitor your budget. The last although not even close to the least advice is to monitor your budget and stop when required.

Benefits of Using Horse Racing Betting Apps


If you ask whether a person has to sit in front of the personal laptop the moment horse races start, we’ll say no, there’s even no necessity of taking it with you. The single thing you need is your cellphone with a horse racing betting app on it.

Here you’re free to catch on our set of advantages for utilizing horse betting apps:

  • Bettors may register any minute;
  • You can wager even when you’re not at home;
  • Their functionality is so fine that it provides flawless quality of live streaming;
  • They are completely capable to allow making monetary transactions inside wagering app;
  • Horse betting apps offer identical features to their laptop versions;
  • These apps allocate exclusive incentives for users;
  • They have notifications features about the upcoming events or latest promotions which you would most likely read sooner than if you got the information when using your laptop;
  • Any adult person with a phone can install such an app.

The major widespread horse betting app variants Indian dwellers are inclined to use are Betway, Bet365, and 22Bet, as they offer banking methods in rupees for bettors.

As for Betway, it offers a great 100 percent bonus for its users up to 2,500 rupees, and the app itself is fitting to Apple devices and Android; it can accept and grant multiple currencies with Indian rupees comprised and provides high odds.

Bet365 has free-of-charge live streaming and offers the best odds for users to enhance their winning potential. The betting options are presented in the widest variety, and this site is among the most popular horse racing betting apps across the board.

22Bet is greatly oriented on betting for sports activities and offers dozens of horse races for wagering. Their predictions are undoubtedly some of the most beneficial and deposit options are handy.


Since this sport is regarded as a mastership activity, unlike gambling that relies almost solely on luck, horse racing wagering is completely legal in India. For this sound reason, this kind of wagering was legalized around 25 years ago and is flourishing as a leisure activity for many Indian dwellers.

Do some thorough research and familiarize yourself with the info from this article wager safely with the best horse betting apps we provide.


How Do I Get Started With Horse Race Betting?
To start such activity you need to register on a horse betting platform and execute the deposit transaction.

How Quickly Can I Begin Betting on Horse Racing?
On average, anyone can wager on horse races within 10 minutes or less after horse racing betting app installation and personal wagering balance replenishment.

Can I Bet on Other Sports Using These Horse Racebook Apps?
The majority of sports wagering apps offer to bet on multiple sports. Do your part in researching to utilize the most suitable one.

Is There a Minimum Age Limit to Place Horse Bet?
There’s a limit to 18 y/o. This activity is not allowed until such a young age.

How to Watch Live Streaming of Horse Races?
To enjoy live streams you have to get a horse racing betting app installed on your phone and buy a pass for streams. Otherwise, look for free options.

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Horse racing is one of the first sports that the masses used for betting. Maybe this is one of the core reasons for Horse racing to be so popular worldwide. Those who are looking to bet on horse racing will love the odds offered in the Bet365 app. However, if the users are looking for the best live streaming experience in horse racing, there is no equal to the Betway app. ComeOn and LeoVegas apps both have a massive bonus of 10,000 rupees players can use on horse racing. Indian punters will love the Hindi features of the Parimatch app for horse racing. You’ll also need to study the state of the horse, jocks, and the weather.

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