Betting apps for real money

These days, modern devices in the form of phones and tablets open up the newest, most convenient and most innovative possibilities for humans. Possibilities can range from fixing your car, to delivering pizzas, to helping you with functional tasks, your phone, like your computer, is now capable of doing it all. Chances are you’re even reading this text from your smartphone screen when you were looking for detailed and clear information on betting and winning apps.

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We have good news – the modern world is evolving in all directions, including gambling. Many companies have developed many convenient, fast and functional applications for online gambling management. The companies’ products are now available to everyone and at any time. About 80% of the betting is done from their phones – through a mobile version of the site or an app.  Now is the heyday of gambling, as there has never been a better time to win money online while staying mobile with your daily routine!

Betting apps for real money

Why should I use a betting app?

Why should I use a betting app

Betting on sports via computer is only convenient at home or at work when you are comfortably seated with your laptop in a soft chair. But if you are watching sports in a bar or at a stadium, are in a hurry, are traveling, or do not have access to a computer, a mobile version of a betting shop’s website or an app is the best option.

Mobile betting apps replicate the entire functionality of the main website. Their main advantages in comparison with the mobile version of the website:

  • Faster operation in case of the weak internet
  • More user-friendly interface
  • Higher speed of use
  • For those who bet on the play, that is, bet on sports in real time, mobile applications are indispensable

The best mobile sports betting apps real money must meet six key things. We tell you what they are:

Safety and Reliability

All of the online gambling applications for real money that we recommend in our article can be fully trusted because each of them has a special license, a precious reputation of the companies and secured security measures. Companies that have developed betting applications have no goal to cheat you, but even on the contrary, to protect you from various malefactors who take advantage of the inattention of some users when substituting a domain. At the same time, it should not overload the operating system of your mobile device and should not waste battery power beyond measure. In the case of an online application, such deception is not possible and the user can be sure that his results and money are safe. 

Bonuses and promotions

In addition to security, companies specifically create separate promotions and bonuses for their users so that the audience actively downloads and connects to them. Some applications boast of providing their users with the opportunity to enjoy a starter package and other betting opportunities that you might not have tried before.

User Interface

A user-friendly, accessible and, most importantly, the intuitive user interface is very important when it comes to online betting apps for real money. Get to any function and section in a couple of seconds. Placement of a bet should be easy and fast.The days of wasting time with broken links and awkward buttons are a thing of the past as technology and its development have made great strides to provide the best conditions for its users today.

Payment options and speed of payments

There are a large number of payment options, which are only getting wider every day: credit cards, debit cards, bitcoin, e-wallets and more. Of course, one of the best and must-have features of online apps is the availability of fast payouts to win money. Preserving the functionality of the betting site. The mobile app should have at least the same functionality as the bookmaker’s site.

Resistance to connection quality

The application should work satisfactorily at low internet speeds and unstable connections: not require restarting, not resetting authorization, not freezing during bet confirmation.

Customer Service

If anyone has any problems or questions with the setup, use of real money gambling apps, you will be able to quickly and promptly contact the support team. They will be sure to familiarize themselves with your problem and provide a solution as soon as possible.


The main disadvantage of the mobile app is that not all bookmakers support registering and making deposits directly in the app; you will have to use the full version of the website for these operations.

Types of real money gambling apps

Types of real money gambling apps

At first, you may find it difficult to navigate when you start using real money gambling apps. Review:

  • The mobile version of the site is a light version of the site. Does not require installation, access from any mobile device.
  • Applications for betting on Android – there is a ban on gambling applications in “Google Play”, so it is worth it to allow installation from unknown sources in the settings.
  • Betting applications for iOS (iPhone, iPad) – installation is possible only from the “App Store”.
  • Also, you can always bet from the full version of the bookmaker’s website, which is not always convenient.

Companies offer many options for their prospective users, so our article will help you navigate this. Luckily, there are several main categories from the types of solutions on offer. We will now take a look at the main ones:

Casino apps

Casino gamers are in the most advantageous position because companies are providing them with, particularly good quality apps today. It’s already such a modern trend that you’ll find special offers and bonuses for poker, blackjack and roulette in every casino app for real money.

If a casino offers a quality mobile version or even has developed a light and fast app, this always speaks in favor of the establishment and can be an additional criterion when choosing an operator.

Traditional sportsbooks

Today, traditional sports betting apps offer many special offers and promotions to not only win money conveniently but also efficiently. It’s much more enjoyable than using a mobile browser. Whether it’s NHL or FIFA, you’ll find the familiar traditional sports betting available through a multitude of apps that can be downloaded from the respective services.

In-play betting

In-play or “live” betting is a must-have and key solution for apps. Modern technology offers the user a portable interaction between the event on which the bet is placed and the app. Such a solution allows quick notification of the player about the game events and other information that allows faster and more efficient decision-making to win money online. Modern betting applications bring out the full potential of this type of gambling.


Although this type of gambling has not yet gained worldwide popularity, modern technology is also unlocking more and more potential here as well. All over the world, applications are appearing which show the user an increasingly interactive, peer-to-peer experience. This allows the user to apply personalised betting opportunities to random players and take advantage of a new, modern social aspect.

Where to find gambling apps that accept real money

Where to find gambling apps that accept real money

We have good news for you! Well-known services offer a very easy way for users to access gambling apps that accept real money for betting. There are several basic services that you can use to install a gambling app on your device as conveniently and quickly as possible. We will now tell you about them:

App Store

Apple’s App Store is a globally recognized service and is the world’s largest source of applications. Although it has bans regulating access to real-money gambling apps, Apple device owners still have access to a wide range of licensed and fully legal games on the App Store.

Google Play Store

The Google Play Store provides a much larger selection of gambling apps than the App Store. For this reason, you can find absolutely any app of your taste, preference and real money betting purposes here. The Google Play shop should be the first and main destination for users with Android devices.

Directly from providers

This is the least popular place to purchase an app. This method is relevant for players who are looking for a specific gambling app from a casino or gambling provider. However, the aforementioned app search services (App Store and Google Play) have proven to be useless. 

But be warned! Scammers often take advantage of the inattention of some users and may intentionally tweak very similar, but not original sites of the company you were looking for. The administration of app finder services filters out the attempts of scammers and shuts them out, making it a much safer place for users. Therefore, if you do find yourself in a situation where Google Play and the App Store do not have the gambling app you are looking for, it is better to enter the address of the site you are looking for directly, rather than through a search in your browser.

How to choose the right gambling app?

How to choose the right gambling app

Online gambling license

An online gambling license is the first thing to look out for when choosing a money-winning app. The license should, of course, be issued by a reputable body that cares about its trustworthy reputation and properly monitors its licensees. A license from a reputable body is one of the best aspects of security when it comes to keeping your personal information and money safe.

For example, one of the leading and well-known regulators of online gambling today is the UK Gambling Commission. Having an app have its license ensures that the intentions of the company releasing the product to win money are trustworthy.

All of the gambling apps listed in our article are licensed accordingly.

Security measures

With the help of a license, we have verified the company’s intentions. Now we need to make sure that the deposit environment provided is secure, as intruders could try to hack into the service and steal the data, money of unsuspecting users.

For example, one of the most secure aspects of security today is installing modern SSL encryption for all transactions and verifying the payment providers used.

All of the gambling applications listed in our article have already proven to be safe from intruders.


At first glance, this step may seem less important than the previous ones, but it is not. An app and its company must have a good reputation so that a negligent attitude will not affect the already proven levels of security in the future.

We have researched reviews online and in-app shops, as well as all the places where bookmaker customers leave their reviews to check the reputation of the companies whose apps we have listed in this article.

Top apps in our article

As mentioned above – we used all these complicated steps of checking for a new user ourselves before publishing the top within our article.

Sports betting apps for real money are a very responsible and serious business. Therefore, if we find any reason to doubt or unnecessarily perform a check, we immediately delve into the process and bring it to the status of solid proof of security. Without making sure the app’s doubts are resolved, it doesn’t make it to our list of recommendations within the scope of this article. 


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