What is Google Pay?

Google Pay is the sunshine that rose from the shadows of everyone’s familiar Android Pay in February 2018. It’s a digital wallet that works through an app in the play store on your smartphone and contains the bank cards you’ll want to register in it. This development is the company’s answer to the infamous Apple Pay.

What is Google Pay

Google first launched Tez in India. Tez, a UPI-based mobile payment service. It was also used in the subsequent launch of Google Pay. In 2020, the existing Google Wallet was redeveloped based on Tez in India and was incorporated into the Google Pay product.

Why is it convenient?

Using Google Pay to deposit at your favorite Google bookmaker is an extremely simple and, most importantly, safe process. As of today, not all betting sites are yet using this app as a deposit acceptor, but given the many positives and promising points, this will undoubtedly change in the future. The whole trend right now is exactly that, and the guys at google know how to keep up with the times. The proliferation of google pay takes on a larger and larger scale every year, so the company offers its new users a number of bonuses and rewards for using their app, including for online betting deposits with Google Pay. Let’s get to know them straight away, as this is a unique opportunity to take advantage of such benefits while the app is still being introduced into our daily lives.

Exclusive bonuses and benefits

Exclusive bonuses and benefits

Unique payments and cashback

For Indian users, Google Pay offers a list of benefits, allowing them to pay in unique ways, such as QR codes for pairing mobile devices and transferring payments through Universal Payment Interface (UPI). In the rewards program, the company also gives you a referral bonus, where you are rewarded with cashback bonuses for referring a friend to use Google Pay.


One of the biggest perks of using Google Pay is the robust security features that provide Indian users with serious reassurance. The app practices advanced machine learning technology to detect fraud opportunities, such as phishing scams. The well-known multi-factor authentication means that only you can access your account and the service encrypts all your data on its own, ensuring that payments are safe and secure.

There are no risks

Google Pay also borrows popular credit card technology by not sending the merchant your card details and it works with online betting deposits with Google Pay. Bypassing this, a random virtual account number is generated with each transaction. 

Private payment history

For people who are serious about privacy, Google Pay doesn’t sell its users’ transaction history to third parties, so you won’t be bothered by targeted advertising, and you can remain reassured that no one can spy on your purchases.

Fast deposit with no commission

All deposits made through the app are sent instantly and displayed on your device’s screen.

Prompt support

You can always rely on the Google helpline in case of an emergency – these guys are always on your side. Of course, most issues can be resolved here and now on the Google Help Centre website. There are plenty of support options available for users from India, including a handy online chat, and available support call-back, and urgent help via email.

All deposits made through the app are sent instantly and displayed on your device’s screen.

To summarise

  • Unique payments;
  • Cashback for an invited friend;
  • Deposit with Google Pay security;
  • Private payment history;
  • Card details do not appear in the transaction;
  • Fast and no commission;
  • Prompt support;
  • Convenient application.

How do I get Google Pay?

Moving from words to action! How do I start to deposit on the bookmaker’s website using Google Pay?

Creating a Google Pay account

Creating a Google Pay account
  • You can download the Google Pay app from the Google Playstore or App Store. You got it right: it’s a Google product, but you can use it on iOS devices!
  • Use the App Store or Google Play and download the Google Pay app.
  • Choose the language you’re comfortable with and tap on the checkmark to make your selection.
  • If you have a Google account, it will detect your email address on its own, then click on “Continue”. Please make sure you have a Google account before continuing with the product setup.
  • Google Pay will accept your sim card number. If you have two or more sim cards, you have to select the number you have created for your bank account. Enable notifications and allow the app to detect your location and contacts. 
  • A one-time code (OTP) will be sent to your mobile phone number. 
  • Once you’ve completed verification you can continue setting up protection for your app from Google by using a template or Google pin code. Select your preferred option and click “Continue”.

Adding bank to your Google Pay account

Adding bank to your Google Pay account

Once you have created and set up your account, you need to link your bank account to the app so that you can deposit a check with Google Pay and use it to make transactions. 

  • To do this, please go to your profile. You can access your profile by clicking on your photo in the top right corner. 
  • A new page will appear on your device screen with the option “Add bank account”. Use it.
  • Choose your bank from the list offered by the app. 
  • Once you have made your selection, Google Pay will send a verification SMS to your bank, in which the bank will check your details as set up. This takes about a few minutes. 
  • Once the verification is completed you will be asked to confirm your bank account. But be careful! You will need a debit card to complete this action. You should enter the last 6 numbers and click on the button for the verification.
  • You will then be prompted to enter your UPI PIN, which will finally link your Google Pay account to your bank account.

Tip: If you don’t know your UPI pin code, click on “Don’t know your UPI pin code?” and follow the instructions that appear in the app. 

Verifying your Google Pay account

Verifying your Google Pay account

Money investments are important, so you should always remain vigilant here, and betting certainly falls into this category! You need to take control to ensure that your chosen payment method, in this case, a created Google Pay account, is verified on the betting site. 

This is a very important step! Because the site will not interact along with deposits or any transactions, thus rendering all betting excitement invalid. 

Step by step, what you need to do:

  • Select Google Pay as your primary method of payment. 
  • Enter your personal UPI ID – for example: “connect@bank.in”.
  • The betting site will check that the UPI ID entered is correct.
  • If your UPI ID is valid, the betting site will automatically verify your Google Pay account, and you will be able to make transactions smoothly once the verification is complete. 
  • The above process is requested with every payment, which is of course an extra step to ensure the security of every transaction on the site today.

Google Pay and deposit on bets

You can deposit a check with google pay to a betting site easily! Just be aware that not all betting sites support Google Pay. This fact is sure to correct itself as development progresses.

Top 10 best betting sites for Google Pay in India

Betting siteBonus
1xBet1xBet is offering players a new kind of bonus of up to 90$ when they sign up. 100% of the deposit amount goes into the bonus account
Bet365One of the biggest bookmakers in India and Europe, Bet365 is giving all new players up to 200 USD as a welcome bonus
BetMasterNew players at Betmaster are offered a 100% starting bonus on their first deposit
ComeOn!New players are offered a $100 bonus
LeoVegasA 200% multiplier on your first deposit
888sportThe company is successfully listed on the London Stock Exchange, and the 888 holding company itself is considered one of Indian’s leaders in online gambling entertainment
10cric100% to deposit with bonus code: WELCOME
MelbetThe main feature of the site is the eSports version, which has its own design and 100% deposit for sport bet
Casumo100% to first deposit
BetwinnerYoung but fast-growing bookmaker Betwinner is offering new players up to 340$ with promo code RATINGBET

How to transfer money for betting

First, choose a bookmaker that supports deposit money Google Pay, then open the banking page on the website and select Google Pay from the list of options provided.
The next step is to enter the desired amount you wish to transfer to your account on the bookmaker’s website. Be warned! Bookmakers put different minimum deposit limits depending on the conditions.
You will then be given a list of registered debit cards to choose from. These are the same bank cards that you have connected to your Google product account using the guide above.
The last action to take is to confirm the transaction in a way that is convenient for you.


Deleting a payment method

If you signed up for a Google Account subscription and remove the payment method you used to renew it, you need to update the payment method. If you cancel, you can cancel your subscription. Open the application. At the top of the screen, click Payment methods. Select the desired bank account or card you previously added and tap delete. A pop-up window will appear, where you can press delete again. Tip: If you have used a card in Google Pay shops and have deleted it, you should delete the card from your device as well. You can also select the type of device in the app and then follow the standard steps to delete the payment method.

Does the app support the ability to download all my bank cards?

Yes, the Google product can add VISA and MasterCard cards of any bank. To add a bank card to the app, follow the steps outlined in the guide in this page.

Is it possible to withdraw money from Google Pay?

Unfortunately, the app does not currently support a cash-out function. As the technology develops, such a feature will definitely appear.

Is it possible to pay with the app from my smartwatch?

The company is working on this. Today in some countries it is already possible to use a smartwatch to make contactless purchases in places where Google Pay is supported. To operate the product features on a smartwatch, you need to be located in the following countries. This is important because no one would want to face no deposit in the future when trying to place a bet in the middle of their favourite match.

Use a smartwatch on which the app is supported

Google Pay should already be installed from the start. Check if the product is on your watch’s app list to see if the device is supported Apply a supported card Note: Using PayPal on Google Pay is not supported on the watch.

Loading a bank card on the watch

To eliminate the need to use your phone when paying with your smartwatch, you need to link your bank card to your device. 1. Open the Google Pay application on your watch 2. Use the Start button 3. If you don’t have a screen lock, you need to install and set one 4. A window will appear on your phone with instructions for adding a debit or credit card. Follow the step-by-step instructions Tip: Your card is saved in this way only in the Google Pay app on the smart watch. 5. The installed card will be displayed on the watch Note: At the moment, you cannot connect your loyalty card, rewards card or discount card to the app on the watch

Using when paying

1. Open the app on the watch 2. Hold the watch against the contactless payment device until the watch vibrates or you hear a payment sound
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