Deposit with Online Banking

Are you searching for a convenient way to add funds to your gambling account and consider a deposit with online banking? It could be your best way out. Nowadays, this payment solution is gaining popularity because of the numerous perks it provides: security, speed, convenience, and affordability.  

Instant transfers;Can’t be used without a bank account;
Deposits on gambling account have no fees;Your bank account must support this feature;
The financial procedure is straightforward and convenient;If the bank servers are down, the transaction won’t go through.
All actions and data are encrypted for additional security. 

One has to remember a few peculiarities before dealing with a deposit with online banking. Do you plan on using this solution for your gambling activities? Learn everything you might need from this comprehensive review. Study the process of tuning up the banking solution, conducting deposits, the advantages of online banking, and some alternative solutions, too.

What Is Online Banking?

Online banking is an in-demand feature that secures the users’ possibility to transfer money from their bank accounts to other people and companies. The system is mainly applied to the purchases made on the Internet, utility bills, etc. Nowadays, it’s become a popular way to deposit money to the site since bookies began to expand the acceptable payment options.

How to Add Money to a Betting Site via Online Banking?

To load the funds using this solution, you must own a bank account and the activated online banking feature. Set them up, define the sum you are willing to risk, and explore all money-making opportunities by wagering on your favorite players/teams/leagues, etc. Both stages are quite simple as you discover more about each of them.

Open a Bank Account

You may skip this step and get down to business if you own a bank account that supports such features. In this case, the only thing left to do is to pick the betting site, define the sum of the deposit, and finalize the payment details.

Gamblers who do not own a bank account just yet should start from the beginning. Getting a bank account could be time-consuming. So, plan to dedicate quite a bit of your time to finalize the details. Nevertheless, once the process is over, online banking gets instantly accessible via systems like UPI, IMPS, etc.

Choosing a reliable bank requires attention to detail. Pick the one that allows online banking features and offers competitive fees. Prepare the needed documents and get your cash in the bank account. These are the basic essentials you can’t ignore.

Activate the Online Banking Feature

Having a bank account is the first step of the process. The next one deals with making it available for online transactions. Before you deposit money online banking feature must be activated. You’ll have to set up the online banking feature and allow online money transfers. You may do it several ways, but the easiest one is to go through it online. Depending on the chosen system, the steps might differ a bit. Yet, the general process looks the following way:

1. Visit the bank’s official page;
2. Press on the Registration button;
3. Fill out the registration form using your customer ID and phone number;
4. Add the code you receive from the bank to verify the profile creation;
5. Add all requested banking details like the card’s number, expiration date, etc.;
6. Create a password that will grant you access to the profile;
7. Visit the bank’s official page; Press on the Registration button; Fill out the registration form using your customer ID and phone number; Add the code you receive from the bank to verify the profile creation; Add all requested banking details like the card’s number, expiration date, etc.; Create a password that will grant you access to the profile; Log in to the newly-created account using the customer ID and a password.

It could seem that these numerous steps are overwhelming, but when you start doing it, everything turns out quite easy. The site will walk you through the procedure and prompt the actions you must perform to finalize the sign-up procedure. So, simply stick to the instructions and you’ll get one step closer to adding funds to the sports bookmaker’s profiles via online banking.

A Step-by-Step Guide on Deposit with Online Banking

The preliminary preparation gradually led to the actual deposit. Now you’ve got a bank account with the activated online banking features. It’s high time to uncover the algorithm of depositing funds on betting sites.

Note: Before you follow the instruction and deposit money, verify your bank account is loaded. If needed, visit the nearest bank office and add enough cash.

To load funds to a betting site, you must complete these simple steps:

Sign in the gambling profile on the site where you plan to play;
Discover the Deposit page (it could be a separate button);
Look through the catalog of available payment solutions and pick the online banking system you are going to use;
Find your bank in the catalog of acceptable ones;
Get redirected to the bank’s official page;
Insert your bank’s login and passcode;
Define the sum you’d like to deposit and verify the action to finish the operation.

Note: During the first online transaction, you might require to deal with additional verification. In this situation, the bank’s system will deliver a unique code via text. You must type it in the corresponding field to approve the transfer.

Almost immediately after you see the notification about the successful payment, you’ll notice the funds on the gambling account. Keep in mind that while most systems allow paying with rupees, some sports betting sites use currency exchange to turn them into dollars or euros (depends on the bookie).

Top Bookmakers that Support Online Banking

Once you figure out the step-by-step process of adding money to a gambling account, it’s high time to discover suitable betting companies that accept this payment solution. While the list is quite extensive due to the popularity of the payment solution, the most well-known and trustworthy sites stand out. Moreover, they all offer a bonus for the initial deposit you make:

  • Betway;
  • 22Bet;
  • Parimatch;
  • Fun88;
  • Unibet;
  • Casumo;
  • BetWinner,
  • 1xBet, etc.

The list can go on since the majority of bookmakers in India accept this payment solution. You should pick the one that meets your gambling needs and expectations. One of the factors that could help make the right choice is a welcome promotion. Basically, when adding money via online banking, you’ll be rewarded by the bookie or online casino.

Bonuses for Using Online Banking on Betting Sites

Each gambling company has its own promotions, offers, prizes, and deals. Explore the dedicated sections on the official site to weigh each available opportunity. However, when talking about bonuses given for using online banking, the first thing that comes to mind is a welcome bonus. For instance, the most well-known sports betting sites we’ve mentioned above offer their new customers very generous offers.

Gambling company Welcome Bonus
Betway100% match-up (up to ₹2,500)
22Bet100% match-up (up to ₹10,000)
CasumoBet ₹1000 and receive ₹3000 free bet
Parimatch150% match-up (up to ₹12,000)
Fun88300% match-up (up to ₹5,000)

To activate such a reward, meet all requirements when depositing money to the gambling account. Remember that each promo offer has wagering requirements and additional terms & conditions. Besides, there is the minimum deposit requirement, too.

Aside from the welcome package, many bookmakers launch additional promotions based on the systems their clients pick. For instance, when depositing via online banking, the bookie can activate a reload reward (a percentage of the loaded sum will be added as a bonus reward), cashback, etc. Explore all promo offers related to online banking systems on the dedicated page of the bookie’s site.  

Why Reload Betting Accounts with Online Banking

Aside from the rewards, online banking secures numerous additional advantages. Let’s review all the reasons why this payment solution is worth your time and attention.

  1. Convenience. The technology has simplified the procedure to a minimum. Just make a few clicks and the money will instantly appear on your betting account. It’s especially convenient for those who already have bank accounts that support online banking tools;
  2. Speed. The modern lifestyle is all about speed. People expect things to happen in a blink of an eye, especially when waiting for something. Using the technology delivers quick transfers and you may wager on sports events at once. When you explore the live betting tools and discover you need more funds, using online banking could help reload the account in an instant;
  3. Security. As a rule, online banking systems protect customers’ personal & banking information from being lost or stolen. When transferring money, you won’t have to worry about identity theft or any other issues that may come up on the Internet. Enjoy complete privacy at all times;
  4. Simplicity. The layout is user-friendly and intuitive. It guides through each stage and prompts the required actions to finish the transfer. You won’t have to install additional software or stand in a queue. Log in and send the desired sum of money in a matter of seconds.

Top it off with the bonuses like cashback or reload reward from the bookie and you’ll have the best possible experience with deposit online banking for betting websites.

Alternative Methods to Use Instead of Online Banking

In case online banking doesn’t seem convenient enough for you, don’t worry. Most bookmakers work with dozens of payment solutions. Review each of them to discover something to your taste. If you don’t want to stress out about opening a new bank account or setting up online banking features, the most reasonable solution is to pick an alternative transfer channel:

  • E-wallets (Neteller, Skrill, etc.);
  • Prepaid cards (SBI, ICICI, etc.);
  • Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc.);
  • Google Pay/Apple Pay.

Each of these methods has certain benefits and drawbacks but also delivers an intuitive, reliable solution to depositing funds on the betting profile. Explore the catalog of available systems on the bookmaker’s site you use for online betting. You’ll definitely pick the one that comes with truly comfortable conditions and fees.

What is online banking?

It’s a way to see the state of your bank accounts and make online payments to people and companies via the Internet. You may also use it to add/withdraw funds from the bookmaker.

Why is online banking better than other payment solutions?

The popularity of online banking grew because it’s not only cheap and fast but safe, too. Instant payments with no risk of losing personal or banking information is a win-win situation.

Is online banking expensive?

The services often have a fee, but it’s totally negligible. Compared to alternative forms of payment, it’s practically free. Besides, some transactions have no fees at all.

Is online banking safe?

Yes. It is often treated as a secure way of sending money. The technology uses encryption and other security measures to protect the funds and customers’ personal information.

How long does it take to finalize the money transfer?

Customers may deposit money almost instantly. Withdrawals take from 15 minutes to a day but compared to other payment solutions, it’s still one of the fastest solutions.