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IPL 2021: CSK wins over PBKS

As you know, there is an environment of IPL everywhere people are ready to support their team and cheer up their favorite team in all possible ways. Moreover, slowly the pandemic is also increasing, so people are giving preference to stay at home, and this way they are getting more time to stay at home and watch IPL with complete enjoyment.

On 16th April there was a match between CSK and PBKS, both teams played very well and used all of their strength and all the players were also very well in the team. But CSK won it, and then they chose to field first. The fielding of the CSK was really appreciative that they didn’t allow the opponent team to score more than 107 runs. This blocked the opponent team at very little run making it very easy for CSK to achieve it.

The final score became very easy for CSK to score, the captain of CSK was MS Dhoni who has now retired from the Indian Team. The captain of the PBKS was K.L Rahul who is also a very good player in the Indian cricket team and plays an important role in the team.

Overall, CSK won the match by defeating Punjab by 6 wickets, however, for CSK the game was started from defeat but then they managed to win this game by their brilliant fielding.

Gayle’s love for Indian Culture: IPL

Chris Gayle is the player of the West Indies team, and he is one of the biggest players in cricket who once also made a world record. In IPL he plays from the Punjab side, and there also he tries to score more and more he can score.  He is a player of another or other country but in India also, this player has made a lot of fans.

His nature and love for India, have made more fans for him here in India, his team Captain in IPL, K.L Rahul said Gayle respects India and Indian culture so much. He also likes to speak Hindi, although he doesn’t know Hindi nicely but still, tries to learn and speak. Apart from Hindi he also keeps on asking his team members about different languages, cultures. As he is in the team PBKS, so apparently, he also tries to speak Punjabi.

In the recent match with CSK PBKS lost the match with 6 wickets to the IPL, the match has just started and it is becoming interesting day by day. Mohammad Shami who is also a player of PBKS said a few things about Gayle, and how he shows his interest in India and the culture in India.

The IPL matches are becoming more interesting day by day, and it will be really interesting to see what is going to happen in the next match and ultimately who is going to win. Every year IPL arrives with a new thriller and a new winning team.

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