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Lost the match despite having a good position on board

Indian Premier League (IPL) is one most-viewed sports programs ever watched throughout the world. And when it comes to the performance of the player, the teams have to look after the batting line-up with the best batsman. The technically best batsman is important in the middle order otherwise the team collapses in the ground at the end.  

On Wednesday, Sunriser Hyderabad has foreseen the same consequences of the bad line-up of batsman while chasing a meager score of 150 against Royal Challengers Bangalore. They lose the match despite having a good position of winning the match against it. He is contemplating as the fourth-highest scorer and the best batsman in the whole world and all formats, Kane Williamson was found warming on the bench. 

SRH can win easily as they have to chase a meager score of 150. SRH needs only 35 runs from 24 balls which is quite a win-win situation. But then RR came with his spinner Shahbaz Ahmed who made a hat trick by bowling down Jonny Bairstow, Manish Pandey, and Abdus Samad in the same over. Here comes the turning point of the match. SRH went down from 115/2 to 116/5. And from that point, they never recovered. They did not fall to play the ball but fell to cross-batted shots. This shortcoming was mentioned by SRH captain David Warner in an interview after the match. He said in the post-match ceremony, that they needed to play proper cricket shots. He was quite disappointed how they went cross-batted shots in opposition to Shahbaz Ahmed, the left-hand bowler. 

This is not the first match where they lost although they are in the position of an easy win. The first match was with Kolkata Knight Riders. They had to chase the score of only 102 and required 86 runs in 43 balls. Pandey who is a good bowler did not have an in-depth concept of batting and was forced to play the role of an anchor and did not chase the required run and got out short by 10 runs.

Though, Sunriser Hyderabad has changed the master plan in this game. Earlier in the match, Jonny Bairstow used to open the match with Warner and hit centuries. But now the captain had paired himself with Wriddhiman Saha. He is also a good batsman and played well in previous matches. 

Bairstow has pushed down in order. This is made juxtapose of many players who are good at hitting the ball and lack speed in the innings and in winning the match. And for this, we need a player like Kane Williamson.  

New Zealand’s player Bairstow, a skipper, played all 12 matches last season. He had scored 317 runs with an average of 45.29 and sustains a good strike rate of 133.75. he has not played in both the matches SRH so far and it is already calling to bring him back in the batting lineup to sustain the stability of the team. 

Former Indian opener and Captain Virendar Sewag tweeted with Kane Williamson photo in his way posting a Bollywood song “Kiska hai tumko intezaar main hoon na.”

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