Mobile betting sites in India

A new technologically advanced India is emerging, opening its vast horizons to mobile betting sites. Remember the old days? The sportsbook, in most cases, was at a long distance from you. You had to go through lengths to put down a bet. What a headache it was!

Top-5 Mobile betting sites

However, the technology has widened the vision of sports betting. A few years back, betting sites came forward, making the process of betting easy. You were still tied to your desktop and an internet connection to place a bet. Lots have changed since then. 

Now, with all the 5G tech, the sportsbook is as if in your hand all the time. Just download the app from a mobile betting site, and you are good to go! No waiting or frustration of getting stuck to miss the chance. Just use the mobile sports betting site and enjoy!

The best bookmakers with a mobile version

The best betting sites you need

Now let’s get to the important stuff. What are the best mobile betting sites in India? We are NOT paid for the reviews so expect an honest review. Here is the list of the top mobile sport betting sites.

The mobile betting sites offer ease you cannot expect with the traditional betting methods. A few of the points to help you are listed here.

Pros of mobile betting sites that make you a lifetime client

No one can compete with the convenience these mobile betting sites offer you. Don’t believe us? Let’s have a bet! Once you start using a mobile sports betting site on your phone or tablet, we are sure you’ll never like the old methods.

With these ready to go mobile phone betting sites, you are part of the game all the time. Imagine you have an important appointment, and you can’t get your hands on the sportsbook. No worries, even if the traffic is stuck or the dentist is taking time. Just log on to your app and wager the bet you like. You are going to save a lot of your precious time.

Mobile Betting Apps Promo Codes


Another reasons other that will make you go for the mobile betting sites is the amount of cash these apps offer through promotion. The best mobile betting sites offer huge bonuses to their clients, encouraging them to bet on their favourite sports. The bonuses are offered in the form of promo codes. Once you apply it as a new client, use the promo codes, the money is transferred to your betting account. There is always a chance; you enter with a small sum of rupees and get a huge cashback when you win.

The mobile betting sites usually offer two kinds of bonuses

One, for the new client.

The welcome bonuses are a great attraction. The bonuses start from 10,000 Indian rupees and can rise to 100,000 rupees. That’s a lot of money, to begin with! Some even offer no deposit.

Two, for the existing clients, once you are a member, it doesn’t mean you are forgotten.  The best mobile betting sites offer to reload cash or make promotional offers on different sporting events. You just need to stay up-to-date on the upcoming offers in case you don’t miss them..

What to choose: mobile betting site or app?

You must have noticed the difference between the desktop site and the mobile site. The desktop version and mobile have different user experience but let’s take a detailed look at what makes them so dissimilar.

First, most of the things that are the same in a standard mobile site and the app. You can easily search and place bets on both versions. Both come with an online casino along with the sportsbook.

Now the difference, you can place a bet from your mobile from anywhere in the world. However, with the desktop version, you are bound with your computer to make a wager.

Plus, the desktop site has much technical space, and many don’t require attention to detail. But that’s not the case with the mobile app. The app developer needs to pay attention to the smallest of details to make it work on your mobile. The user-friendly interface, test style and size everything has to be perfect to make the user feel comfortable.

What makes a great and best Mobile Betting Site

What makes a great and best Mobile Betting Site

So in this section, we’ll discuss the points you need to see for the best mobile betting site which you can trust end enjoy for a long time.

First of all, the mobile betting site must have an excellent user interface. Everything on the site must be clear as a day. If the buttons are close or writing too small, you would probably end up placing a wrong bet. 

The mobile site must regularly upgrade with the increase in the number of users. If a site does not maintain itself, it is not worth using as it may crash at critical moments. Online betting sites make a lot of money which should go into their site, servers, and software to facilitate a top-notch betting experience for you.

Always go for a trusted and reliable site. Even big names in the industry may leave you without your money! If you are smelling something fishy, never put your money there. Find a new trusted site to avoid any unnecessary headaches regarding safety issues.

Other than these important things, you need to check out their banking options and customer support. A good customer support will offer you trust that your money is in safe hands.

Are mobile betting sites legal in India

The answer to this question is a tricky one. Indian constitution allows betting on all the games that require a skill. That leaves a large room for confusion.

Since we are not any kind of legal experts, we recommend you do your research too.

  • There are no existing laws at the federal level that prohibit online betting
  • Some state, however, have laws against online betting
  • There have been zero instances of someone being prosecuted for online betting.

So what we recommend, check out your local and state laws before betting. If you are allowed, welcome to the world of online betting.


How do the mobile betting site apps Work?

When you download the app, you get direct access to the sportsbook to wager the bet you like. You will find everything on the app as you find on the betting site. Make a deposit and place the bet, and you are good to go. Most of the betting apps are available on iPhone, iPad or Android.

How can I check the compatibility of my mobile device with the betting sites?

If you have the latest version of the mobile phone, you need not worry. However, with an older version, you will need to check the compatibility. Open the mobile betting site in the web browser of your phone or tablet. If it loads smoothly and everything feels good, your phone is compatible.

Do I need to use more than one mobile sports betting website?

Not necessary. But having more than one site can be pretty helpful. You can compare the betting lines for the best ones.

Are mobile betting apps safe?

Yes, if you are operating through a legit and trusted site, you don’t have to worry. It’s always good to check App Safety and Security section above for more details before starting.

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