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Report: The First Battlegrounds Mobile India Series Esports Tournament Starts on August With a Rs 1 Crore Prize Pool

The First Battlegrounds Mobile India Esports Tournament Registration is Opened

New details about the Battlegrounds Mobile India 2021 Series are leaked. According to the new information, the tournament will start on August 15 with a prize pool of Rs 1 crore. The news was leaked from Gazmo, who shared that Krafton is going to announce new details of the upcoming event. When Krafton was teasing plans with BGMI, he said, “the biggest battle you’ve all been waiting for,” and it seems like what he meant. 

According to the new information, the first BGMI tournament will have Rs 1 crore as the total prize pool. The outstanding performances will be reward with the following prizes:

  • ‘India Series MVP’ – Rs. 1.00.000
  • ‘Most kill by a squad’ – Rs. 50.000
  • ‘Longest shot’ – Rs. 50.000
  • Some Unknown – Rs. 50.000

The report says that even more BGMI tournaments are planned in the future, but the debut already seems to have a huge prize pool. However, it will improve esports popularity in India, especially for PUBG Mobile. 

According to the report, the upcoming tournament will begin on August 2 with the Online Qualification stage. It will last the next two months until October. PUBG Mobile India players that have reached at least the platinum tier will be able to pass the registration and participate in the Online Qualifier stage.

Battlegrounds Mobile India will get a new patch in July before the tournament starts. This update contains a lot of new content such as weapons, vehicles, and modes. Many interesting features will be added but some fans also expected any information about the release on iOS devices but this was not paid any attention to in the video.

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