Becric Review — Sports Betting & Online Casino in India

Betting on sports and various other types of gambling entertainment have already become a part of the lives of many people. This is not surprising as betting can bring quite a decent amount of income, which is why many users from India love this type of income, and it is extremely popular at the moment.

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But due to the huge popularity of betting these days, it is very important to choose a reliable and honest bookmaker. This way, you don’t have to worry about the security of personal data and money and be sure that all bets are placed without deception or any kind of fraud. 

We would like to mention one of these bookmakers for users from India, namely Becric, which was founded in 2013 and to this day pleases its players with quality and reliability in betting on sports. One of the advantages that we would like to highlight at Becric is a huge variety of ways to withdraw and deposit funds, which is a very important factor in starting to play at any of the bookmakers. 

It is in Beric that you can withdraw your winnings in any way you want, and players from India will also be able to withdraw money in rupees without any difficulty. In addition to the large number of ways to withdraw and deposit money, the Becric company offers many different bonuses to help you get started and make betting easier and more enjoyable. The Becric bookmaker has the following bonuses:

  • Welcome bonus for all new users;
  • Weekly game;
  • Invite a friend;
  • Jackpot.

Also, on Becric’s webpage, you can find a huge variety of games that will be listed below:

  • Slots;
  • Card games;
  • Live Casino;
  • Video poker;
  • Virtual stakes;
  • Jackpot;
  • Keno.

As you already noticed, the Becric bookmaker has almost all games available for all users and which people like to play most of the time. We also want to mention the fact that even with such an extended list of game categories, Becric has the most popular slots and games that you can try out on your own. This list of the most popular games on the casino market includes:

  • The Power of Ramesses;
  • Wild Hills;
  • European Roulette;
  • All American Poker 5 Hand;
  • Deuces Wild 50 Hand Bonus;
  • Baccarat;
  • Andar Bahar;
  • Carribean;
  • Blackjack;
  • Texas Holdem and a huge number of other popular games.

All those advantages that we told you about show the reliability and quality of the services provided by Becric betting company. That’s why you should consider creating an account at Becric and start earning money while betting and playing your favorite games.

How to Register in Becric

Now that you’ve decided that you should give betting a try, it’s worth understanding the sequence in which you can do it quickly and easily. All you need to do that is simply create an account, and we can help you with that. Here is a step-by-step sequence of actions to help you become an authorized user on Bekrik in a couple of clicks:

1. Visit the official webpage of Becric.
To do this, you’ll need to open the website in any browser. Once it opens in a new tab, click on the “Register” button. A window will appear in front of you with the fields that you will need to fill out;
2. Enter the necessary information.
You will need to enter your first and last name, email, phone number, country of residence, age, currency in which you want to deposit and withdraw money, date of birth, gender and language you prefer to bet on. After that, you will need to agree to the terms of Becric.

Registration is over. Now your game account is created, and you can easily bet and earn with Becric!

How to Login in Becric

If you are already registered on Becric bookmaker’s website, you can log in to your gaming account and continue to play and place bets. To log in to your account, you need to complete the following steps:

Go to the official website of the Becric bookmaker.
In the top right corner of the page, there will be a “sign in” button, you should click on it. After that, proceed to the next step.
Fill in the personal information for the account. In the window that will open in front of you, you will have to enter your username and password, which were specified when you created the game account.
Confirm that you are not a robot.
Click the enter button.

After the above steps, you will be automatically logged into your game account. If you have forgotten your account password, you can click on “forgot password” and then try to restore your password and access your account.

How to Verify in Becric

How to Verify in Becric

Becric is a completely legal bookmaker that ensures that you will not suffer at hands of scammers and that all users are in the same conditions during the game. To protect yourself from fraudsters who may try to steal your personal data and money, you need to verify your account. The verification process is pretty quick and does not take much time. 

After registering an account, you will receive an email with a link that will transfer you to the page where your account is verified. In the window that opens in front of you, you will have to specify all the information that may be required from you, and then you will be given a link to the official site of Becric with your verified account.

How to Bet in Becric

After you have a gaming account on the site of the bookmaker Becirc you can start betting and playing a variety of gambling games available on the site. In order to start betting, you need:

1. Login to your gaming account.
On the official site, click on “Login”, then enter your username and password from your account, which was specified during registration;
2. Deposit funds into your account.
In order to place bets on Becric, you need to have money in your account. To do this, you must click on the button “Deposit to account” and choose a deposit option that is convenient for you;
3. Choose the game you want to bet in.
After you have money in your account, you have to choose the game you want to bet on. You should not have any problems with the site of Becric bookmaker, because there are a huge number of different categories and games, and everyone will find a game to his/her taste. Also, if you’re not sure whether you want to play a particular game or not, you can try out demo mode. Your money will not be spent, but you can not earn rupees in this mode.
4. Place your bet.
Once you have decided on the game you want to play, place your first bet. To do this, simply indicate the amount you want to play and confirm the bet.

Becric Bonus and Welcome offer

Becric Bonus and Welcome offer

On the site of Becric bookmaker, you can find the most profitable bonuses with game packages that will allow you to earn even more and faster. By playing on the Becric site, all newly registered users can get a welcome bonus of 100% of the deposit amount on their first deposit up to 10,000 Indian rupees.

  • With Becric, you can get £100 as a free bonus when you upgrade to the VIP level.
  • In addition to these bonuses, the platform has a weekly sports cashback of up to 10% and a bonus program for referrals in which you can get up to £500 per referred person.

Bonuses and promotions on the site are regularly updated, and you can personally check out the rest of the offers on Becric. Play and earn money with an honest and reliable bookmaker!

How to Deposit in Becric

How to Deposit in Becric

When choosing a bookmaker, there are some aspects that are crucial for a good bookmaker. Having a good number of deposit methods is one of those aspects. Luckily for you, Becric offers its players a great number of deposit methods, and these options are the most popular ones in the world when it comes to betting. This includes:

  • Visa;
  • Maestro;
  • UPI;
  • PhonePe;
  • PayTM;
  • Skrill;
  • PayPal.

These payment methods are used by the greatest bookmakers that care about their users, and luckily, Becric is one of those bookmakers. Here you can see the table that presents all the important information about available payment methods:

Payment methodMinimal deposit amountMaximum deposit amountProcessing time
Visa500 INRInstant
Maestro500 INRInstant
UPI500 INRInstant
PhonePe500 INRInstant
PayTM500 INRInstant
Skrill500 INRInstant
PayPal500 INRInstant

Now that you know about the deposit methods, it’s time to find out about the process of depositing money. Don’t worry, though, the process is actually really simple, and won’t take much of your time and effort. So, to make a deposit in Becric here’s what you need to do:

  1. Visit Becric. First of all, you need to visit the website. This can be done by using the link.
  2. Log into your account. The next step you need to do is to log in to your account. For that, click on the “Login” button, and then fill in the username and password that you chose when you created your account.
  3. Click “Deposit”. Now that you’re logged into your account, click on the “Deposit” button with a bank icon. You will be redirected to the deposit page.
  4. Choose the deposit method. 
  5. Select the amount you want to deposit. 
  6. Select the promotion from the list of available bonuses.
  7. Confirm the deposit.

As you can see, depositing money is really easy, so don’t waste time, deposit money, place successful bets and make big winnings!

How to Withdraw in Becric

How to Withdraw in Becric

We have learned how to deposit money. This is essential for betting, as you won’t be able to place bets if you don’t have any money on your account. But now that you’ve played a bit and won some games, you probably want to withdraw the money you won. But how to do that? The process is just as easy as the deposit process. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Visit Becric. First, open Becric’s website or the specially created app.
  2. Log into your account. Click on the “Login” button and fill in the username and password fields.
  3. Click “Withdraw”. Now that you’re logged in, click on the “Withdraw” icon. You will be redirected to the withdrawal page.  
  4. Choose the withdrawal method. You can choose the method with which you made the deposit, or choose a new one.
  5. Enter the amount you want to withdraw. Decide what amount you want to withdraw, and enter it. Next, click on the “Withdraw” button again.

That’s literally it. As you can see, the process is also really easy, and will not cause any issues. Here you can see the table that represents the minimum and maximum withdrawal amounts.

Withdrawal methodMinimal withdrawal amountMaximum withdrawal amountProcessing time
Visa300 INR500000 INRInstant
Maestro300 INR500000 INRInstant
UPI300 INR500000 INRInstant
PhonePe300 INR500000 INRInstant
PayTM300 INR500000 INRInstant
Skrill300 INR500000 INRInstant
PayPal300 INR500000 INRInstant

Betting Review in Becric

Becric Betting App

When choosing a bookmaker, probably the first thing you should think about is the offered sportsbook. Becric brings its players a big number of sports to choose from, and all these types of sports are popular among fans of betting, especially in India. Every sport available in Becric allows you place different types of bets, like bets on the outcome of the match, whether a certain team will lose or not, on a certain player, bets on a certain team’s performance, etc. The sports that Becric offers its users are:

  • Cricket;
  • Kabaddi;
  • Football;
  • Table Tennis;
  • Basketball;
  • Tennis;
  • Esports;
  • Volleyball;
  • Ice Hockey;
  • UFC;
  • American football;
  • Bandy;
  • Baseball;
  • Biathlon;
  • Boxing;
  • Darts;
  • Futsal;
  • Handball;
  • MMA;
  • Motor Sports;
  • Rugby;
  • Snooker.

Casino Review in Becric

Becric Casino App

It’s safe to say that betting on sports is great since it gives you the thrill of making a decision that will determine whether you win or not. But, fans of betting love to bet not only on sports but on the casino as well. Having a casino is crucial for a bookmaker since they will lose some users if they don’t have a casino. 

Luckily, Becric has a casino, and a rather good one, we must say! Becric’s casino includes all the popular games that a casino should have, so no player will be disappointed to find out that the game they love the most is missing. The games provided by Becric are:

  • Roulette. Involves live roulette, Hindi Roulette, etc.;
  • Poker (Texas Hold’em, In Between Poker);
  • Live bets;
  • Slots (Juicy 7, Avalon, 9 Masks of Fire, etc.);
  • Table Games (Baccarat, Blackjack, etc.).

Download Becric Mobile App

Becric mobile app

Betting is fun, and you probably already found that out since you’ve tried betting before. And, while placing bets in front of your computer is fine, you would probably want to be able to bet even when you’re not at home. The solution to this is the app! 

Becric has an app for both Android and iOS users that you can download it on your device. The app is really well-made, as it doesn’t lag at all and is designed in a very nice visual style. You can use the app the same way you use Becric’s PC version. You can deposit and withdraw money, place bets on the same games, use bonuses and more!

Becric Bookmaker advantages

Choosing a great bookmaker is not an easy task. It takes some time to understand whether the bookmaker is good for you to use or not. Experienced bettors do that in a second, but you probably don’t have that experience. How do you know if Becric is good or not? Don’t worry, we have prepared for you some of the advantages of Becric over other bookmakers:

  • Great minimal deposit and withdrawal amounts;
  • Easy registration process;
  • Great bonuses and promotions;
  • Great customer support;
  • Compatible with any device;
  • Licensed by Curacao.

These factors are important to consider when choosing a bookmaker, and if the company doesn’t have them, avoid it. But since Becric has all these offerings, you won’t make a mistake when choosing Becric as your bookmaker!

Support Becric

When using a bookmaker, unpredictable things can happen. You can forget your password, have difficulties with bets, or something else. And while some problems can be solved by yourself, others require you to contact the support team. 

When it comes to Becric, its support team works 24/7 and will help you with any of your questions. If you want to contact the company’s representatives, you can do that by choosing one of these methods:

  • Live chat;
  • Email;
  • FAQ.
Is Becric Legal in India

Now that you’ve learned about Becric, you probably want to start placing bets. This is not surprising, as Becric literally does everything they can to make your experience as great as possible. But, the main question – is Becric legal in India?

The answer is: yes, Becric is legal in India. Just like other countries, India does have laws about betting. But, Indian betting law prohibits only offline betting, while online betting is completely legal. 

Since Becric is an online bookmaker, this means that you can place bets on this platform without worrying about the law. Moreover, Becric is a licensed bookmaker, which means that you can safely use your account and money and place successful wagers.


In our article about Becric, we have tried to cover every smallest detail so that you get the full picture of this particular bookmaker. But, you probably have your own questions that need to be answered. So let’s not waste time and answer them!

Can I play live games?

Yes. Becric offers you a lot of bets, including live bets, both for sports and casino games.

Do I need to use a code to get my welcome bonus?

No, you don’t. The welcome bonus will be automatically credited to your account once you make your first deposit.

Are rupees an option for currency?

Yes. Indian rupees are available in the list of currencies, which is really great.

Is Hindi available as a language in Becric?

Unfortunately, no. English is the only language you can use.

What countries can use Becric?

Becric is a bookmaker founded specifically for India, so this means that India is the only country that can use it.
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