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Unibet in India

The online bookmaker Unibet is in great demand among players in Europe and, generally, in the world due to its modernity and reliability. Unibet stands out for its well-equipped sportsbooks which contain live betting and streaming, and cash-out. Likewise, you can use a great catalog of sporting events with Unibet. 

The Unibet betting site has clean navigation and a user-friendly design so it’s not surprising that more and more players turn to this bookmaker. The quality of its service is fairly high. And there is no difference whether the customer is new or has some background on betting, every player will get comfort from making bets on Unibet.

Unibet Site in India

One should know that Unibet is one of the top leading betting websites across the world, which is integrated with a robust sportsbook that offers over 40 sports ranging from chess to football. Moreover, they are a great representative of European sports and other famous sports in India, such as horse racing and cricket available on Unibet. All you need to do is to download the Unibet app and start wagering on online platforms.

Unibet is integrated with a user-friendly interface and lucrative features that will provide you an incredible betting experience. Unibet knows that most players are interested in placing their bets through mobile. Therefore, to double the betting experience, Unibet has introduced its app for both iphone and android operating systems.

One should know that the application is integrated with interactive features and functions, which makes it easier for bettors to place their bets from anywhere and anytime. All you have to do is log in to your account or register with the platform and fund your account instantly to begin your betting experience.

However, if you are not a fan of betting applications, then you can visit the official betting site of Unibet and start wagering on various sports events and online casino games. One should know that the Unibet betting app and site interface is incorporated with lucrative features, which makes it easier for players to navigate throughout the betting site and app.

One should know that both application and site are integrated with live streaming features, which enable players to live stream various sports events alongside placing their bets accordingly.  

Casino Review in Unibet


Unibet sports betting

One should know that Unibet offers a great sportsbook, which includes over 40 sports events on which players can place their bets as it offers good odds and allow you to increase your chances of winning big. Moreover, the sports betting section is integrated with an incredible interface, which gives out a trustworthy and professional impression on the players.

With so many sport betting events available on the platform, you have the flexibility of placing your bets on numerous live events simultaneously. The platform offers significant sports events like football and cricket and Gaelic sports, sumo wrestling, and floorball.

Unibet cricket

Unibet offers an excellent place for bettors to wager on cricket events like the Indian premier league, test matches, big bash, and twenty20 world cup. Moreover, one should know that the gameplay offers excellent odds that you can start placing your bets on various cricket events organized in 2021.

The best thing about Unibet is that the interface is quite interactive and loaded with features, making it convenient for players to start their betting experience instantly on the Unibet India app or website.  

Betting Review in Unibet

One should know that Unibet provides incredible and modern games, which are incorporated with functions that you can only get from a highly reputed betting website. The interface of Unibet is minimalistic and user-friendly, making it easier for bettors to navigate throughout the platform easily.

You should know that it provides a reliable betting platform that works every time. The best thing about Unibet is that you will get every game and sport that you are looking for on the platform. Apart from offering numerous games and sports events, Unibet also offers games with considerably low barriers to entry, like a supermoto.

It is a unique game that enables users to wager on the outcome of various matches, and if you win, you will have to split the jackpot amount with other winners. One should know that you can begin playing supermoto as a minimum bet of a hundred rupees. Hence, making Unibet bet one of the best platforms for wagering online on games and sports events.

How to Deposit in Unibet

  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • UPI
  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • UPI
  • Mastercard
  • Visa

One should know that funding your Unibet account can be pretty challenging for Indian players because the platform provides a few selections of deposit methods, which are quite hard for Indian players to use. Other countries are provided with numerous deposit options to choose from, but in Indian players, one must settle with the below-mentioned deposit options.


If you are able to use any of the methods mentioned above, then it is highly recommended to join the platform right away and fund your account using any method to begin your betting experience instantly. You are assured that they will deliver an incredible betting experience.

How to Withdrawal money in Unibet 

To withdraw money at Unibet, it will be necessary for the bettor to have an account balance amount in accordance with withdrawal limits.

You can withdraw money with the e-wallet. But you should take into consideration that e-wallet withdrawal method is allowed when you have a successful deposit made with the same e-wallet before.

Time processing limits: up to 12 hours. The minimum withdrawal amount is 1500 Rs and the maximum is 1 300 000 Rs.

The same conditions are used for withdrawing money with credit cards. You can use only the card you have deposited money with previously. 

The average time for withdrawing is 1-3 working days in this case. The withdrawal amount is from 1500 Rs to 5 000 000 Rs.

Talking about trustly, the time processing limit is 3-5 working days and withdrawal limits are from 1000 Rs to 10 000 000 Rs.

Furthermore, Unibet doesn’t levy any commissions on withdrawals.

How to Registration in Unibet

In case you require to make your personal account on Unibet, you need to fill in some personal data on the registration form. Players need to remember that in order to register with Unibet it is necessary to be at least 18 years old. Stick to the steps below to make it right.

  • Go to the Unibet website. First of all, you need to go to the website with your smartphone or desktop device and then click on the “register” button in the right corner. 
  • Next, it is required to enter your personal data and choose the language. Enter your name, surname, date of birth, currency (where you can choose the real), language, and then click on the “next” option. Also, enter your e-mail there.
  • Fill in a username, password, and select the payment method you prefer.
  • Complete the verification. The third step is the time for postal data, such as country, city, postal code, address, state, and also your phone number. It is precisely at that moment that the user must accept the bonus by checking the box ” Claim a sign-in bonus”, which authorizes the receipt of the bonus, to show that you want to receive the welcome bonus. Also, accept the terms of use and privacy policy.
  • After this step, just click on the “register” option. 
  • The last step is e-mail verification: click on the link that was sent to your e-mail.

And that’s it, your Unibet account will be created. To start betting and also earn your welcome bonus, just make a first deposit, which can be by bank transfer, credit card, or even bank slip.

Step by step registration in Unibet

How to sign up for the best betting platform

Step 1:

You need to visit the official betting site of Unibet and click on the join now button featured on the betting site.

Step 2:

You will be redirected to a registration page; then, you have to fill out the required details in the forum.

Step 3:

Once you are done, now submit and finish the registration forum.

Now, you are ready to begin your betting experience; all you need to do is deposit money in your account and start placing your bets.

How to bet Unibet

After creating your account and making balance replenishment, you can start betting. Unibet offers a wide list of sports, so you can get enjoyment from betting on your favorite sports. This list includes such types of sports as football, basketball, cricket, tennis, baseball, and so on. 

The steps below will help your to make your bets on Unibet:

  1. Log in to your account or create if you still don’t have it.
  2. Make a deposit according to the rules that are described above.
  3. Go to the section Sports, choose the type of sports you want to bet.
  4. Then overview sports matches and decide what type of bet you are going to make: single or multiplies, or even combination bets.
  5. Click “Place bet” and that is all – you make a bet!

As you can see, betting on Unibet isn’t a difficult process. But in case you have any questions, you can contact the Unibet support team that will help you to make bets.

You can bet on Unibet using the official website or Unibet mobile app. If it’s more comfortable for you to make bets with the app, go to App Store or Google Play to download it. The application has a clean and user-friendly interface that will make no problems for players to bet. There is no difference between betting on the Unibet app or with the website.

Promo codes for Unibet

Being the most reliable and reputed betting application and site, Unibet offers incredible promo codes that one can use to redeem the bonus offer for the gameplay of Unibet. Therefore, one should know that Unibet offers a welcome bonus, deposit bonus, loyalty bonus, along with other bonuses that one can get by playing consistently on the platform. Thus, you can use this extra bonus amount in placing your bets on various sports events and online casino games and increase your chances of earning big.

Download Unibet Mobile App

One should know that Unibet mobile application is available for both ios and android operating systems. That means all android and ios users can download the application from their respective android and iphone app stores.


How to Download for Android

For android users, you need to open the google play store and download the Unibet application without any hassle. However, if, in some cases, you are not able to download the application from the play store, you can download the Unibet apk file present on the official website of Unibet, which you can install on your device. All you need to do is install the respective file, and you are ready to wager on the most innovative betting platform across the world.

How to Download for iphone

For iphone users, you can download the application from the apple store right away and begin your betting experience straightaway.

Support Unibet

This is an item that is worth a good note for Unibet, which remains at a good average in the market with support via chat for 24 hours 7 days for players. If you want to get a quick answer to any of your issues, it would be better to go to their social media channels, for example, you can use telegram.

One point that deserves player’s attention could be the Unibet community. These include forums where players can discuss betting issues and get help from each other. 

In addition, the site has a FAQ area to help its users to find out answers to common questions. The FAQ is well-organized which makes it easy to find a certain topic you need. Each topic includes a number of relative questions. Also, you can search the keywords for your issue and get the most appropriate answer.

The support team speaks English and, unfortunately, doesn’t provide Indian languages.

Of course, gambling and betting is not only about making money, but also having fun, experiencing excitement and spending time with pleasure. And online gambling and betting helps to do this anywhere, anytime thanks to modern technologies. But every online player wondered if it was legal to play and place bets online, for example, through the Unibet online club. We will answer your question. You’ve probably heard that gambling and betting for profit is prohibited in India, but many Indian laws were passed many years ago and have not been changed since that day. And of course, there is not a word about the Internet and online betting in this law. Also, the Unibet club is registered in another country, so technically you are playing outside of India.

And so, the answer to your question, is the Unibet club legal in India, yes. It is legal to place bets online through this club for two reasons. First, the club is located outside of India. Secondly, Indian law does not mention online betting. So, play at Unibet and enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Update: 20 Oct 2021, 1:12 pm

Surajit Hayara

Unibet is an internationally renowned betting services provider with a rich choice of sports gambling. They first conquered Europe through various sports betting. I felt that they focused on cricket in India. Although, in my experience, registering and verifying an account is troublesome and takes a little time to process. They provide very few payment methods in India compared to their services in other countries. However, if you can use Skrill, Neteller, visa card, ecoPayz, etc., Unibet can be a profitable platform in both sports betting and casino.

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