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Former England Fast Bowler gave his comments on an unbearable personality of Sourav Ganguly, a former national Indian cricket team captain

Steve Harmison about Souray Gangulu

In a recent interaction with former Australia left-arm spinner Brad Hogg a former England fast bowler Steve Harmison recalled a renowned conflict between Sourav Ganguly and Andrew Flintoff

During the YouTube Show ‘Test of Time,’ Harmison shared his opinion about a former national Indian cricket team captain.

‘What was it with Sourav? He rubbed people off the wrong way. People didn’t get along with Sourav Ganguly. I remember playing my debut and I got him out for 99 first ball of an over. Andrew Flintoff had just gone off to the toilet, and literally, Freddie ran the drinks back on to abuse Sourav as he was going back for 99. Ganguly is a lovely guy but it was just something about Sourav Ganguly that people did not get on with him.’ 

Being a captain Ganguly did not give a chance to his teammates or, especially, opponents to get away with anything. Experts believe that his style of leadership has changed the face of Indian cricket since then. Harmison spoke about an incident when he dismissed the former India captain for 99 and Flintoff who had gone off the field, came running back to abuse the left-handed batsman as he was on his way back to the pavilion.  

All along his career as a captain, Ganguly got on the nerves of his opponents. In the game with Australia in 2001 he made an Australian captain wait for a toss. The incident was the last straw for Aussies to start hating him.  

‘I forgot my blazer in the first test but then I realized that he reacted to it. It was working on them, working on the team, and how they went about their jobs. They were a bit grumpy with all that and it worked for us as we won the series 2-1,” Ganguly told Mayank Agarwal in a video uploaded on the BCCI Twitter account.

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