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Tanzania is a chosen host for Africa Kabaddi Championship 2021

Tanzania is a chosen host for Africa Kabaddi Championship 2021

Africa Kabaddi Championship 2021 has started on 1st July in Ubungo Plaza, Dar es Salaam. The teams of 3 countries will compete with each other to choose an African kabaddi champion in 2021.

The Africa Kabaddi Championship 2021 for men and women takes place in Tanzania this year, starting on 1st July 2021. The final will take place on 4th July 2021.

The number of the teams participating in the tournament has decreased from 14 to only 3 teams because of the COVID-19 restriction measures. The Ubingo Plaza, Dar es Salaam, will become the area where the tournament will take place. The schedule contains 6 games within the tournament in league stages with the knockouts. 

The president of the Tanzania Kabaddi Mr. Abduallah thanked all the participants presenting at the tournament and expressed sorrow on the inability of all the listed participants to join the tournament. He noted that the event has a superior role in the development of African Kabaddi. 

The channel Azam TV provides access for watching the Africa Kabaddi Championship in Africa in real-time. It is also easy to access Azam TV on youtube for spectators from all around the world.

Such African countries as Tanzania, Egypt and Kenya took part in the tournament this year. Tanzania women team faced Egypt women team in the first game of the tournament and finished the match with scores of 52-91 in favor of the Egyptian side. The men’s team from Egypt has also won the match with Tanzania men’s team with scores of 50-47.

Africa Kabaddi Championship 2021 will have much to show to entertain and surprise its audience, so stay tuned to new updates of the tournament.

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